July 4th at Mountain Harbor - Patriotism at its BEST!

What better occasion to launch a blog than our nation's birthday, July 4th. The families, friends, and guests that stay and celebrate each year help us honor this tradition in such a grand way. Albert Einstein said: "Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." There is not a truer statement about the way of life that we as Americans are allowed to live day-to-day. Harbor people are a wonderful example of how diverse in culture, careers, ethnicity, background, and experiences we as Americans are. The "melting pot" that we have been so fondly coined as has only been possible with the careful threads of democracy allowing for our progress and prosperity. The blended power of the individual, as well as all of us as one strong nation is represented each July 4th - and should be done so in BIG, PROUD way.

At Mountain Harbor, we take very seriously the cost at which our freedom comes. In fact, the entire July 4th ceremony was begun by families many years ago. Philip Merry and Mike Fitzhugh began a small flag-raising and Pledge of Allegiance at Philip's private Harbor residence nearly two decades ago now. What began as a small gathering of local friends and families - is now an actual yearly ceremony followed by a red, white, and blue four-wheeler parade that tours the entire resort property. Speakers with loved ones serving in our United States Military are invited to provide poems and readings. Local law enforcement greeted the crowd this year and then led the parade. The Joplin Volunteer Fire Department is always on scene for safety and traffic control. Most importantly, the event is free to everyone and includes anyone willing to hold a flag.

Mountain Harbor thanks everyone that partcipated. We thank Philip Merry and Mike Fitzhugh, both of whom continue to coordinate the effort and  provide the vision and inspiration for the event. Each year, they remind us of the many in their home of Fort Smith, as well as all of Arkansas, and the United States, that continue to fight for our freedom and the freedom of other nations.

Most importantly, we thank the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for the freedom that makes July 4th so very important to us all. We are all born lucky, each and every one of us - because we were born here in the United States of America. By the grace of God, we raise our children here, and are allowed to live our lives in a democratic government - powered by us, its people. We at Mountain Harbor couldn't be more proud to be a tiny part of this great Nation - and to have the wonderful opportunity to serve its people.