Fall Weddings at Lake Ouachita

To so many of us, Harbor is a little village, or it's a summer getaway spot. The natural beauty of the area, however, is also (to noone's suprise!) a wonderful backdrop to a wedding. Fall weddings are lovely in the Ouachitas - with the rich colors of the trees, the calm lake, and the raw shoreline exposed as the waters recede. 2012 has been a wonderful Autumn wedding year on our shores. In short, the couples this season just seem to "get it" in terms of what Mountain Harbor is all about. Each special ceremony from September through this past weekend has captured Mountain Harbor in a special Fall style. We love being the destination for vows and memories that bind families and friends for years to come. We wish all the happiness in the world to the newlyweds who celebrated with us here ... the images absolutely speak for themselves.


What is a Fall wedding, without a little bit of Harbor MAGIC?! ... these brides and grooms might say that a little Harbor twist made all the difference in the world. Rest assured - all of the staff and families at Harbor know all too well that we are merely a setting. The only reason for such a wonderful Fall wedding season has been the love brought and expressed by these very special wedding families. It's been our pleasure to watch each unique event unfold on our shores.