4 Ways to Find Your Zen at Mountain Harbor Resort

Serenity is in the air at Mountain Harbor Resort, with most guests starting to decompress as they drive the tree-lined road that winds to the property. Once they arrive, there are endless opportunities for relaxation. Explore just a few of the myriad ways guests can enjoy the more than 900 acres of this Lake Ouachita escape.


While Wi-Fi is available at the resort, carve out some time for yourself by intentionally shutting down the devices that normally keep you connected. In a Forbes survey, three out of five respondents said they spend more time with their phones than with their significant others.

The same study said 61 percent of those polled often felt depressed, frustrated or envious of others after checking status updates, text messages or news feeds. If you’re at the lake, soak up the natural beauty and recharge your personal batteries by taking time to disconnect.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness means living in the moment. Most people have “monkey mind,” or thought patterns where their brain clambers around with no real direction, touching on things they want, fears for the future, their grocery list, past memories and more. When you practice mindfulness, you force your brain to slow down and savor what’s around you.

People who regularly practice mindfulness have lower stress, report less time spent following negative thought patterns, have improved focus and feel more satisfied with life as a whole. You probably came to the lake to get away. Grab your yoga mat or a beach towel and head out to find a private place.

From the office, go back toward town until you get to the fork, then turn back toward Harbor North. Walk or drive across the bridge and you’ll see several small, secluded beaches off to your left.

Be careful as you climb down to the water’s edge, as the rocks sometimes shift underfoot. Spread out your yoga mat and find a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly in as you count to two, then slowly out, counting again. Repeat, focusing on how the air feels as you draw it into your lungs. Continue breathing and counting, and let your mind empty.

To calm your monkey mind, think about what your senses are experiencing. Hear the water lapping gently on the shore. Feel the sunlight or the breeze soft on your skin. Notice the texture of the rocks and the smell of the water. Stay for as long as you like. When you leave, you’ll probably feel like you just had a long nap.

Sweat Therapy

If you find inner peace from physical exertion, Mountain Harbor Resort provides plenty of opportunities. Lace up your sneakers and hit the asphalt, jogging the hills that wind through the resort and around the lake. If you prefer to go off-road, the Joplin Campground Loop starts at the resort for a four-mile round trip, and there are several other trail heads within 10 minutes of the Lodge.

For hot summer days, rent a kayak and paddle your way around the lake. If you don’t feel like putting on sunscreen and bug spray, sign up for the woodlands workout circuit at Turtle Creek Spa. 

Indulge Yourself

See why Spa Finder rated Turtle Cove Spa the number one spa in the state. Here are just a few of treatments guaranteed to help you find your Zen:

  • Intensive Facials
  • Holistic outdoor Massage
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Crystal Energy Balance
  • Indian Foot Detox
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Aromatherapy Hand and Foot Treatment

Whether you spend your time fishing, hiking or just watching the sun set from your deck, we hope you’ll soak up the peace and serenity of creation and leave feeling restored. Contact us today to book your next stay.

By Missy Ticer