Plan the Perfect Family Reunion at Mountain Harbor Resort

Planning your reunion at Mountain Harbor Resort takes all the stress out of the event. There’s something here for everyone. Families who prefer to eat in can fix every meal in their well-stocked kitchen, and those who want to escape from groceries and dishes can enjoy delicious fare at the restaurant. Avid fishermen won’t want to leave the lake, nor will the kids. Even the picky cousin who only goes glamping will enjoy watching sunsets from the hot tub.

The most cherished reunions are the ones where everyone has ample opportunities to just focus on being together. Here are tips for making the most of every moment.

Reserve in Advance

You want your reunion to be attended by the largest number of family members possible. That means you’ll probably have to choose a time when kids are out of school, limiting you to summer, spring break or holiday break. It’s easier for families with young children to travel, so it’s also peak time for resorts.

Talk to your family members and choose dates as early as possible. Realize that with today’s busy lifestyles, you probably aren’t going to be able to find a time that suits everyone.

For those who can’t attend, offer to keep them in the loop through social media during the planning stages and the actual reunion. That way if their plans change at the last minute they’ll know what to expect and if they still aren’t able to attend, they can participate from afar.

Choose a Destination with Something for Everyone

The bigger your family, the wider their range of tastes. Instead of expecting everyone to participate in all the same things, choose a destination with a broad range of offerings so everyone gets not just a family reunion, but a mini-vacation.

Mountain Harbor Resort has activities for every age group and taste. Families with very young children find a safe place for them to run in the wading pool and on the playground, both just steps from the Mountain Harbor Lodge Area. For those in need of therapeutic rejuvenation, the Turtle Cove Spa offers everything you would find at a luxury day spa.

Athletic family members can hike the trail, rent a jet ski, go underwater spear fishing or take scuba diving lessons through our PADI certified dive shop. Swim in one of the cleanest lakes in the nation or rent a pontoon for sunset tours.

Plan Loosely

Choose a location with plenty of activities, then let everyone plan their own days. Let family members know a few times when everyone can gather like meal times or scheduled family photo sessions, but otherwise leave plenty of time for just sitting by the water and catching up.

Stay Longer

Reunions that happen all in an afternoon in someone’s back yard are okay, but they don’t offer the opportunity to reconnect families experience when they stay a few days. One study found only 42 percent of people attending half day reunions reported feeling satisfied with the experience. Eighty-three percent enjoyed reunions that lasted more than two days.

Make it possible for the widest range of family members to stay overnight by choosing a location with several different lodging options. Here are just a few of the choices you’ll find at Mountain Harbor Resort:

  • Rustic cabins
  • Affordable motel rooms
  • Efficiency kitchenettes
  • Cozy condos
  • Duplex Cottages
  • Luxury lake view condos


Each family can choose what best fits their size and budget. A location can make or break a family reunion. The best events make it possible for everyone to be involved.

Keep Records

Your family reunion will likely be full of memories you’ll want to treasure forever and traditions you’ll repeat year after year. Capture your memories on personal devices so they’re easy to share, but make sure you take careful written records as well.

Identify the planners, organizers and scrap bookers of your group and task them with creating a record of everything you loved. Start a binder or electronic file to note who attended, what you planned, the easiest or most loved meals, along with favorite activities or epic fails. As the years go by you’ll enjoy having a record from previous years, and over time you’ll create a precious compilation of memories made at the resort.

At Mountain Harbor, we’ve been helping families make memories since 1955. Find out why TripAdvisor gave us their Certificate of Excellence four years in a row when you book your stay today.