Joplin Volunteer Fire Department

Joplin Volunteer Fire Department

The Joplin Volunteer Fire Department is now 42 years old and serves a 35 sq. mile land area east of Mt. Ida, Arkansas, along Highway 270, as well as all of Lake Ouachita. We cover about 2000 residences (summer and full time), and about 3700 boats at various marinas on the lake.

Our Department has evolved from two old Vietnam War vintage Dodge ¾ ton trucks to a department with 4 pumpers, 4 tankers totaling 8500 gallons, 2 rescue trucks, and 4 service vehicles. We also operate 5 fire/search and rescue boats on Lake Ouachita and have 21 voluteers who are trained in: Strucure Fire, Wildlands Fire, Fireboats and On-Water Search, First Responder and Medical, and Search and Rescue.

Your JVFD is stationed at Mountain Harbor Resort and meets for weekly training in the fire station. Some of the volunteers also maintain and crew the fireboat fleet which serves the guests and families of Lake Ouachita by assisting with island or boat fires, accidents on the water, and works with local or state agencies on any search and rescue efforts.

*primary photo credits to Danny Watson, a Harbor Family Member & Friend!

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