Montgomery County Military Museum

Honoring Our Military History

The Montgomery County Military Museum was created to preserve and display primarily antique jeeps, typically vehicles that were used by the United States Military from WWII through Desert Storm with an emphasis on the Vietnam War Era.

The Museum started with the acquisition of an old “army jeep” to drive around the resort. After a year of enjoying the vehicle, arrangements were made to completely restore it, at which time it was discovered that it was a 1944 Ford Production WWII jeep. Because of the public’s interest in seeing this old jeep driving around, the decision was made to acquire a Korean War jeep and Vietnam War era jeep. With the addition of those vehicles came a ever-increasing interest from veterans, veterans organizations, scout troops, and other folks just interested in seeing vehicles of the respective war eras.

The Museum has evolved into a 6,000 sq. ft. building that houses the jeeps, variations of those jeeps, and other vehicles of primarily the Vietnam era through present.

The Museum charges no admission; is free to anyone; and is open by request. There are no specific hours of operation, but can generally be opened about any time anyone wants to look through it.