ATV and UTV Etiquette Around the Resort

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To Our Wonderful Harbor Families & Guests ~

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner meaning more and more people will be venturing to our little village on the lake. Throughout Harbor’s history, kids (of all ages) have roamed and explored the roads of Harbor on ATV’s and now more so, the UTV or Side-By-Side. These are all wonderful modes of transportation for getting around property and are frequently operated by children.
For the safety of everyone, please review the following etiquette if you are going to be operating one of these vehicles on property:

  • Always obey Arkansas ATV/UTV laws
  • Please do not run your LED Light Bars at night when meeting traffic – they blind the oncoming vehicles and are illegal to use on paved roads
  • Stop at every stop sign and use turn signals – either hand signals or blinkers
  • Please do not play music abnormally loud – Harbor is a respite for everyone
  • Speed Limit – Around property (unless otherwise marked) please hold your speed to 20 MPH – Speeds must be reduced to 10 MPH at the Lodge Area because of the increased amount of traffic, kids, and pets.

The health and safety of all of our families, guests, employees and pets are a top concern, and we ask that all operators be well-trained and review the resort etiquette above prior to driving on property.

Thank you and have a great summer!