…a word from Bill Barnes, Owner and CEO of Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa, as well as the Tri-Pennant Family of Resorts:

“It was over 65 years ago when my father, on vacation in Arkansas, discovered a beautiful lake in the heart of the Ouachita National Forest. Before returning home with us, Dad presented a proposal to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a lease on a beautiful harbor, which was to become Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita. This cozy lakeside vista grew into the destination resort that we humbly operate today, and myself, alongside my excellent team of staff members, love it as a home and very special spot nestled among untouched, natural scenery.

In 1979, 41 years ago, we acquired a lease on DeGray Lake which would become Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina. David and Vickie Egleston joined me as managing partners at Iron Mountain over two decades ago. This wonderful resort destination offers DeGray Lake’s ONLY cottages, and a warm atmosphere that you will love.

In 2000, our family of resorts grew whe we acquired another member to our Tri-Pennant Family - Self Creek Lodge and Marina on Lake Greeson. Jim Mishler and his staff have seen wonderful growth over the last decade and are becoming a hot spot for our friends and guests in nearby Texas and Louisiana. Lake cottages and shoreline vistas make this yet another distinguishingly unique Arkansas destination site.

All of us in the Tri-Pennant Family proudly share the same tri-pennant in our logo, which was the original design selected to serve as the identification for Mountain Harbor back in the 70's. We share something else as well...our love of serving people and a dedication to excellence in customer service standards.

With over five decades of resort management experience, the families of the Tri-Pennant Family bring to you our heritage of offering the finest in facilities and personal service. It’s our honor and privilege to serve you. Come visit us!